TAKEDOWN, the latest installment in the Alexandra Poe thriller series (co-written with Brett Battles) is now available on Amazon and B&N, with print versions available at many online venues.

Next up is TRIAL JUNKIES #3, which will take the gang to Honolulu, Hawaii, where Andy’s movie is being shot. When one of Hutch’s co-stars is murdered and an innocent woman is accused, it’s time for Hutch and his friends to find the real culprit…


I’m happy to say that my first four books, KISS HER GOODBYE, WHISPER IN THE DARK, KILL HER AGAIN and THE INNOCENT ONES are now available on Audible.com, narrated by Scott Brick. You can also find audio editions of POE, TAKEDOWN and my two TRIAL JUNKIES novels. Find out more here.


The second book in my new Trial Junkies series—NEGLIGENCE—is live on Amazon (click here) in both ebook and trade paper format. This time Hutch, Matt, Monica and the gang pursue the case of teenager accused of killing one of his classmates and Matt thinks there’s a pretty good chance the kid didn’t do it. Their investigation leads them straight into the not so hallowed halls of an exclusive Chicago prep school, where the real killer may very well be lurking…

Writing this book was like visiting with old friends, and I hope you’ll enjoy hanging with them again as much as I did.


I’ve just signed a contract with Audible.com for an audiobook version of TRIAL JUNKIES 2: NEGLIGENCE, as well as my short stories, BOTTOM DEAL and NOTHING BUT THE COLD WIND, which will be in stores in October. The first book, TRIAL JUNKIES, is available at Audible now.

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